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Field Trips for INTERPRAEVENT 2023 International Symposium

Date: 19-21 April 2023
* The field trip will departure from Hotel National every day. (No.57, Guanqian Rd., West Dist., Taichung City 40353, Taiwan)

Deadline for Field Survey registration and payment: March 31

19th April, 2023 8:50 Assemble in Hotel National Lobby
9:00 Leave Hotel National
10:00~12:00 Eco-Tour in Huisun Forest Recreation Area
12:00~13:00 Lunch
13:00~15:00 Introduction to Dammed-lake Failure Experiment (in the Conference Room)
15:00~16:00 Visit to Dammed-lake Failure Experiment (on Site)
16:10 Leave Huisun Forest Recreation Area
17:20 Arrive in Hotel National

Introduction to the itinerary


Huisun Forest Recreation Area

Huisun experimental forest area is an experimental forest farm of National Chung Hsing University, with a forest area of 7,477 hectares, located in Nantou County, Taiwan. Due to the 2000-meter altitude difference in Huisun, from 450-2,420 m, the forest is longitudinally scattered between peak and valley, and so the main features of the climate can be divided into tropical, subtropical and warm regions. Each region consists of a variety of vegetation with adaptive plants. The varieties of plants in the 3 regions is a result of the multi-variety ecological system.

Dammed-lake failure experiment in Huisun Forest Recreation Area

How does the water flow of the dammed lake vary during the dam breach? Nobody knows. Because in the process of dam breaching, almost no one was on the scene. Therefore, we would very much like to reveal the puzzle through the experiment that how the disaster formed. How large is the submergence range caused by the breaching flow? And when does the peak discharge occur? In order to have a better understanding of the breaching process of barrier dam and the disasters characteristics caused by floods and sediments during the failure. Professor Su-Chin Chen from the Department of Soil and Water Conservation of National Chung Hsing University and his research team established the world's first full-scale barrier dam breach test site, restored the scene of the disaster in the Landao Creek, Huisun Forest Recreation Area.
Introduction for Dammed-lake failure experiment:

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