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Both keynote speech and submitted articles are incorporated in the INTERPRAEVENT 2023 International Symposium (IP2023 symposium). The keynote speech is arranged by the organizing committee with the invited speakers. The submitted articles may be presented as oral presentations or posters. The form of presentation, i.e. oral or poster, is selected by the author(s), but will be determined by the organizing committee.

✦Oral presentation

For oral presentations, please submit full-length paper to the special issue “Natural Disasters Occurrence, Reduction, and Restoration in Mountain Regions” in Water. The submissions will go through the reviewing procedure of Water. Once accepted by Water, the paper can be orally presented in the IP2023 symposium. If the submission is rejected, the author(s) may adjust the form of presentation in the IP2023 symposium.

■Full-length paper submission


For posters, please submit extended abstracts to the submission system of IP2023 symposium. After the reviewing process, the accepted submissions may be presented as posters in the IP2023 symposium. Excellent articles, which are accepted and selected by the academic committee of the symposium, will be invited as oral presentations in the symposium without an additional submission to Water.

■Extended abstract

  • An extended abstract should be 3 pages long, and include Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Conclusions, and References. Please use the template for extended abstract submissions.
  • Please submit your Extended Abstract here
  • Poster size and format: Size of posters should be A0 (841 mm ×1189 mm) and be prepared as vertical typography.
  • Submission Contact

✦Student Awards

Student are encouraged to join the Student Award to share their thoughts and inspire each other. Detailed regulations are as follows:
1.Student Award includes two groups of competition,
    Best oral paper of student:3 winners
    Best poster of student:3 winners
2.Eligibility and requirements:
  • Applicant must be a student before January 31st, 2023.
  • Applicant should be (one of) the author(s) of the full length paper in Water Special Issue or extended abstract (either oral or poster).
  • If more than one paper was submitted, each student can only designate one oral or poster paper as their entry.
  • The applicant should finish registration of INTERPRAEVENT 2023 International Symposium before the early bird registration deadline (to be announced)
3.Rules and regulations:
  • Applicants will present their entries in the student award session(s). Applicants of best poster will also be required to defend their entries at the selected session(s).
  • Best oral paper of student will be assessed based on the following criterion:
    Framework and content of the paper (creativity and integrity): 40%
    Organization and structure of the oral presentation: 20%
    Skills of presentation and defend (making of presentation materials clothing, time control, ability of expression and defending) 40%
  • Best poster of student will be assessed based on the following criterion:
    Framework and content of the paper (creativity and integrity): 40%
    Design and content of the poster: 30%
    Skills of presentation and defend: 30%
4.Awards and prizes: the winning entries will be award certificates.
5.Any other dispute or contingencies will be resolved by the student award assessment panel of INTERPRAEVENT 2023 International Symposium.